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Boats are one of the oldest means of transportation used by the early humans. It played an important role in travel, military and commerce. Nowadays we have different types of boats used for different purposes. Find a wide variety of boat animated gif images, pictures that can be shared through social media platforms to your friends and special ones. Sharing these different boat gif pictures can give them a lively experience.

    Find the courage. For the ocean is big and the boat is small.

    The sea has been the same even before men ever went on it in boats.

    We're all in the same boat now though we may have come from different ships.

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    Take as much distance as possible with your boat when the water is calm.

    The aim of the boat is not to be safer anchored at the port.

    Water under the boat is its support but the water in the boat is the ruin of the boat.

    When the boat started shaking, we didn't lose focus and stayed on course . That made the big difference.

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